Siva Engine puzzle solver

First puzzle:

Second puzzle:
Third puzzle:


Fill in the table you receive from the Siva engine, the start number is different per class, the ending number is 730.
The top 3 rows are the 'add' rows, the bottom 2 the 'subtract' rows. If this doesn't match your table please let me know.

Note: There is no need to add a minus symbol to a value, it will auto subtract the bottom 2 rows.
How to read the solutions: There are 5 columns from left to right, read values from top to bottom. If your solution is 14425, pick the top-first value from the most left column, the 4th value from the second-left column, the 4th value from the 3rd column, the second value from the 4th column and the bottom value from the most right column.



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