!commands add !csgo -cd=5 -ul=everyone $(urlfetch$(provider)&user=$(user)&channel=$(channel)&query=$(querystring))
Please dont change any variables in the command, just copy paste this command in your chat.


!csgo <action> <Steam ID / Custom URL>

  • !csgo kd 76561198083898715
  • [Dev] xgerhard: TomPLZ's K/D ratio: 1,20 (#2.493.459, Top 29%).
  • !csgo time ZaWhiteRabbit
  • [Dev] xgerhard: ZWR's hours played: 1.183.212 (No rank, Top 24%).
  • Use the last part of your Steam URL, just the ID or custom URL part. Links will probably result in timeouts.

Tip: Use !csgo setplayer <Steam ID/Custom URL> to link your Account:

Command list

  • time (Total playtime in hours)
  • kills (Total kills)
  • deaths (Total deaths)
  • kd (Kills/deaths ratio)
  • mvp (MVP count)
  • winp (Win %)
  • games (Total games played)
  • wins (Total games won)
  • headshots (Total headshots)
  • money (Total money earned)
  • score (Total score)
  • dmg (Total damage dealt)
  • bombsset (Total bombs set)
  • bombsdef (Total bombs defused)
  • hostages (Total hostages rescued)
  • rounds (Total rounds played)
  • roundswon (Total rounds won)
  • sniper (Total snipers killed)
  • shots (Total shots fired)
  • shotshit (Total shots hit)
  • dominations (Total dominations)

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