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!commands add !bf -cd=5 -ul=everyone $(urlfetch$(querystring)&defaultconsole=xbox)
You can set the default platform by changing Xbox, available platforms xbox, ps, pc.

Optional: Append &ranks=1 to the end of the url, to show ranks.


!bf <action> <username> <platform>

  • !bf kills budweiserOK ps
  • [Dev] xgerhard: budweiserOK's Kills: 164,768.
  • !bf stats budweiserOK ps
  • [Dev] xgerhard: budweiserOK's [Rank: 287 | K/D: 2.89 | Time Played: 91d 02h 14m | Win %: 80.3%].
  • Available platforms: xbox, ps, pc


Prepend a class to the action, to show class stats.

  • !bf medickills budweiserOK ps
  • [Dev] xgerhard: budweiserOK's [Medic] Kills: 45,490.
  • !bf medicstats Zelexiv pc
  • [Dev] xgerhard: budweiserOK's [Medic] [Rank: 20 | K/D: 2.78 | Time Played: 22d 23h 09m].
  • Available classes: assault, medic, tanker, support, recon, pilot

Tip: Use !bf setplayer <Username/GT/PSN> <pc/xbox/ps> to link your account:

Command list

  • stats (Overview with rank, KD, Time, WL ratio)
  • time (Total playtime)
  • kills (Total kills)
  • deaths (Total deaths)
  • kd (Kills/deaths ratio)
  • kpm (Kills per minute)
  • dpm (Damage per minute)
  • spm (Score per minute)
  • losses (Total losses)
  • wins (Total wins)
  • draws (Total draws)
  • rounds (Total rounds played)
  • rank (Current rank)
  • shots (Overview with shots taken, shots hit, shot accuracy)
  • akills (Avenger kills)
  • dogtags (Total dogtags taken)
  • damage (Total damage done)
  • ks (Kill streak)
  • headshots (Headshots given)
  • assists (Total assists)
  • lhs (Longest headshot)
  • repairs (Total repairs)
  • revives (Total revives)
  • ace (Total Ace medals)
  • sspawns (Total squad spawns)
  • swipes (Total squad wipes)
  • orders (Total orders complete)
  • skills (Total savior kills)
  • squad (Total squad score)
  • heals (Total heals)
  • resupplies (Total resupplies)
  • profile (Link to profile)
  • help (Link to this page)
  • donate (Link to support this project)

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