Tracker profiles: Daily / Weekly / Monthly stat tracking

Want to track your daily wins on your stream? Want to check your K/D over the past week? This is now possible, we will track your progress based on your preferences.
To enable this feature please follow our 2 step installation setup.

  1. First, setup player tracking below. This will give you a token which you will need for step 2.
  2. Second, setup your chat commands with our command generator
  3. The system will automaticly reset your stats based on your preferences
Besides automatic stats reset we will also give you a command to manually reset the stats at any certain point. Stream twice a day? Reset your stats in between the streams to track fresh stats.

Note: Inactive Tracker Profiles will be automaticly disabled after a month (based on command usage), this means the automatic resets will stop.

Add new Tracker Profile

Select a reset time for your stats, for daily tracking it's recommended to set the "Reset hour" to midnight and set the correct timezone.

For streamers that stream during midnight you can setup a custom hour on which the stats will reset.
For example if you set the reset hour to 7 AM, you will be able to stream from 5 PM to 3 AM without your daily stats being reset at midnight.

Example: reset hour setting at 7 AM, this will collect stats between:

  • Daily reset: 7:00 AM - 6:59 AM (next day)
  • Weekly reset: Sunday 7:00 AM - Sunday 6:59 AM (next week)

Edit Tracker Profile

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